A-Z of Happy

Growing up, I struggled a lot with anxiety. To be honest, I still have problems with that every once in a while. The only difference is that I now have quite a few coping mechanisms I have built over the years. Some are precautionary and others are in-the-moment tricks. Regardless, I like to keep a positive attitude as much as I possible can. In order to do that (even on the bad days), I have to prioritize happiness above anything else. Here’s my A-Z list of how I keep the positive mindset!

A: Accept yourself. Every part of you is important, take away one piece and you’re completely different.
B: Be yourself. I spent so many years putting myself in boxes and sacrificing pieces of myself because I thought I wasn’t enough. Not allowing pure personal expression is a surefire way to never be completely happy.
C: Create. Create. Create. Art in any way, shape, or form is more therapeutic than you’d think.
D: Do what you feel you need to each day to be happy. Maybe it’s eating your favorite food if you’ve had a bad day, or going on a hike if you need a break from the city, but you know what you need. Listen to it.
E: Eat well. This is actually an underrated practice of staying happy. If you fill your body with bad food, you’re going to feel bad. Treat yourself with the self respect you deserve and this includes feeding your body what it needs. And being flexible, too.
F: Fight and never stop fighting. Life is going to hit you while you’re down, so stand up.
G: Gratitude. Never let the people in your life forget how much they mean to you. Whether you’re the type of person to say it aloud or show it through your actions, just be gracious towards the people who have truly bettered you as a human.
H: Help others. Don’t do it because what goes around comes around. Do it because it makes the world you live in a better place and we should all take responsibility for our society.
I: Insightful. Always be in tune with who you are and what you need. If a negative thing keeps happening, reevaluate your own actions and psychological aspects that may be recreating this. Look at people and try to understand why they are the way they are instead of immediately jumping to conclusions.
J: Joke around. Never take yourself or anything in your life too seriously. Always be appropriate, but have fun.
K: Kindness. Just be kind. You will never regret being nice to  someone.
L: Love. This may sound really hippy but this goes hand in hand with being insightful. When you start looking at what has shaped a person, it becomes harder and harder to judge them or harbor negative feelings. Someone once told me it’s really hard to be angry. It’s just not worth it.
M: Move around. Both in the gym and in this world. Never stay in one place.
N: Nothing is worth letting you feel like nothing. Not a friend, not a family member, not a class, not a major, nothing is worth it.
O: Open yourself up to change. Things change and people change, it’s just a fact of life. The only way it will hurt you is if you fight it.
Q: Question everything. Don’t take things at face value or how others present it to you. There is always another side. This goes for conflicts, but also opinions and commitments.
R: Respect everything. Respect others, respect yourself, respect yourself enough to make boundaries and follow them.
S: Sh*t happens. Another fact of life,one that is hard to accept. Just because bad things happen to good people doesn’t mean bad things don’t happen to bad people. It will shape you into something better if you let it.
T: Trust. It’s not worth closing off from people you should trust. You can’t do this life alone, so accept the help you undoubtedly need.
U: Unapologetic. This is what I am working on everyday. Be strong and don’t apologize unless you have truly done something wrong. Embrace everything about you and your life, that’s all you can do.
V: Value. Value yourself, your time, and the people around you. Don’t take it for granted.
W: Wish. Just don’t lose track of the magic or your goals.
X: X-Factor. Not the TV show, but don’t lose that special something about you. We all have it.
Y: Yes. Say yes to things that scare you and new adventures. Shonda Rhimes has a great Ted Talk and book about this.
Z: Zealous. Enthusiasm towards life is the only thing keeping me from a rut some days.
What other happiness tips do you have that I missed here?

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